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About Us

Who we are and why we do it!

Our mission is simple, to encourage family volunteerism and build up our community. Why you ask?  We know there is so much good to be done around us and we know with just a little organization and a gentle nudge, great change can happen!

Volunteerism is so important for our children also and has incredible benefits including:

1) Building Empathy

2) Promoting Teamwork

3) Learning Opportunity

4) Family Time

5) Develops Leadership Skills

Crowns For Causes is not  raising any money for ourselves at this time. Any call out for donations is project based and 100% of all donations are allocated to the intended project, with NO funds being reserved for administrative costs. All of the organizations we host events for are registered and recognized 501c3 organizations. We were established in 2010 for the sole purpose of encouraging volunteerism and supporting 501c3 organizations and are a recognized 501c3 organization as well. Any donation you make is tax deductible.